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Little Red Riding Hood 2023-2024

Recommended for students in elementary cycle 1 and 2

Embark with us on the adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood, a courageous, yet rebellious young girl who recklessly sets out to visit her grandma. This widely known fairy tale, accompanied by the Orchestra, sets musical background to the story… unless the Big Bad Wolf can stop it!


Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

Thomas Le Duc-Moreau, conductor

Jean-Willy Kunz, OSM organist-in-residence

Elisabeth Sirois, author

Charles Dauphinais, stage director

Alexandra Sicard, actress, Little Red Riding Hood

Martine Francke, actress, Mother

Dominique Côté, baritone & actor, Big Bad Wolf

Danièle Panneton, actress, Grandma

Alexandre Leblanc et Marie-Maxime Ross, dance


RavelLe tombeau de Couperin: Prelude
Prokofiev, Symphony no. 1: Finale
Tchaikovsky, Symphony no. 4: I. Andante (excerpt)
BizetLa jolie fille de Perth (The Fair Maid of Perth): Suite: “Quand la flamme de l’amour” (excerpt)
Bartók, Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta: III. Adagio (excerpt)
GounodLe Médecin malgré lui (The Mock Doctor): “Qu’ils sont doux” (excerpt)
MessiaenL’Ascension (The Ascension): « Transports de joie » (excerpt)
Rimsky-KorsakovTale of Tsar Saltan, Suite, Op. 57: “Flight of the BumbleBee”
Beethoven, Symphony no. 4: 1st movement

Language: French

An OSM Production

Total duration45minutes